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Wood shingles are some of the most popular roofing materials installed by Fort Worth roofing professionals on residential properties. They are valued for their low upfront cost and durability as well as their attractive, natural grain and appearance. These qualities encourage many homeowners to purchase wood shakes as a primary roofing material. Even with all of their benefits, however, wood shingles still have a few disadvantages that interested homeowners should be aware of.

Living in some areas of the country can spark the main disadvantage of wooden shingles: They are flammable. Hot, arid locations or locales that are prone to forest fires or lightning strikes can cause wooden roofing systems to catch fire and burn the structure that supports it, collapsing into the building and causing further damage. This is a dangerous issue as the roof will act as fuel for the fire and help ignite adjacent and attached buildings. Some cities and counties no longer permit wood shingles within town limits because of this disadvantage. It is imperative for homeowners to check with the county codes for buildings as sometimes the installation of these shingles will not be allowed on a rooftop.

Wooden shingles are also more expensive than other comparable materials. In addition to their relatively expensive installation cost, homeowners may struggle with future repairs.

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These shingles may be hard to maintain as they are susceptible to many issues that can easily destroy them if left unchecked. Wood shingle roofs are prone to collecting fallen debris and holding onto moisture. This leads to infestations of mold, mildew and numerous other types of bacteria. Wood shingles are also prone to insect infestations, and they may not always provide optimal protection from squirrels, birds and raccoons. Homeowners will need to keep up with inspections twice a year to avoid the development of such problems.

Because they are a natural and porous material, wood shingles are also relatively sensitive to the moisture around them. This means that they will regularly expand and contract throughout the year. Though this may not seem like an issue, this cycle of growing and shrinking puts stress on the fasteners that attach the shingles to the roof. Excessive thermal expansion can result in deterioration in the wood fibers themselves. This can shorten the roof's life unless homeowners are frequent in their maintenance duties. Homeowners who will not be able to keep up with their system's maintenance needs may want to purchase a different primary material for their roof.

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