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When homeowners consider reroofing their homes, they are presented with many material and style choices. A lot of homeowners choose to go the route of the traditional asphalt shingle roof, which is a low cost alternative. However, some homeowners are opting for less popular choices such as wood, tile or metal roofs. Metal roofs only make up about 10 percent of the roofs that are installed in America each year. Despite their seemingly low popularity, a metal roof has several benefits for the homeowner. Before choosing a roof type, homeowners should consult Highland Park roofing contractors to get professional advice about which roofing material is best suited for their home and budget.

Metal roofs have several benefits, including the added protection it gives a home. A metal roof will protect a home against many kinds of natural disasters. For example, it is one of the most sturdy roofs to have in severe thunderstorms or tornadoes. With large sheets instead of individual shingles, there is less opportunity for damage or leaking. Similarly, metal roofs will not burn in the event of a house fire, unlike flammable materials such as wood.

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Since metal roofing does not support any type of combustion, some home insurance companies award discounts to homes with metal roofs because of their safety.

While some metal roofs, like copper roofs, can be expensive to install, the value of the roof makes up for the initial investment. When a metal roof has been expertly installed on a home, the likelihood that it will need to be replaced in the next 50 years is low. Some aluminum roofs have been known to last the entire lifetime of the owner.

Further savings apply when homeowners choose metal roofs. Because metal does not absorb as much heat as other materials do, it can save homeowners from 10 to 25 percent on their energy bills during the summer.

Some metal roofs are even eco friendly because they are made using recycled material. When a metal roof is removed, it can be recycled as well. The installation process adds to the environmentally friendly status of metal roofs. Installing one often incurs much less waste than other kinds of roofs.

The benefits of metal roofs are numerous, but that does not mean a metal roof is right for everyone. The best way to determine what materials a homeowner should put on their home is to consult a reliable, professional roofing contractor who will be able to provide expert advice on the matter.

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