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The way a home looks from the street is something that professionals call curb appeal. When a home has better curb appeal, it immediately looks better to those passing by. Real estate agents often recommend that homeowners improve the curb appeal of their homes before putting those properties on the market, which can result in more and higher offers. Even those who don't want to sell their homes may find themselves interested in exterior renovations.

Homes in the area feature a wide range of exterior coverings, including brick, vinyl siding and aluminum siding. Though brick is a strong material, it can develop a dingy look because of pollutants in the air, and simply power washing the brick isn't a suitable option. Power washing can actually strip the paint from the brick, remove the mortar from between the bricks and damage the bricks too. Repairing any damaged bricks and adding a fresh coat of paint is a far better option.

Repairing damaged siding is another type of exterior renovation. Dents can develop in vinyl or aluminum siding due to high winds, hail or driving rain. Depending on the severity of the damage, contractors might simply remove a portion of the siding and replace it with new siding. Vinyl can also appear discolored after years of exposure to the sun. Manufacturers now make paints that adhere to vinyl and dry quickly, making it look brighter again.

Orlando Group Roofing wants local homeowners to know that it can respond to emergency calls too. Many call after seeing the havoc that a storm wreaked on their homes. This might include a tree that crashed through a window, or lightning that struck the roof. A lightning strike can leave the home exposed to the elements and allow rain and trash to get into the interior. Emergency calls enable contractors to come to the home and begin the inspection right away, and homeowners will receive an estimate just as quickly. Exterior renovations aren't just for homes either. Commercial property owners can call when they want help changing the way their businesses look and how their customers feel about those businesses.

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