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One of the worst things that homeowners can do is rely on the same doors and windows in their homes for years or even decades. Older windows made from aluminum or wood weren't meant to last forever. Contractors installing those windows often suggested that homeowners replace the windows after a period of 10 to 20 years. Newer windows can easily last for 25 to 50 years or even longer, but those windows also come with a number of additional benefits for homeowners.

Many people do not realize how much money they throw away every year just in terms of drafts. A draft can occur in any opening of a house and any place where there is a gap between the frame and the window or door. Those living in older homes might place rugs or blankets on their floors or where the door meets the floor to block out cold air. Others find themselves covering their windows with plastic sheeting and using kits to keep the cold air out.

Some of the top new windows available today have a high Energy Star rating, which means that the windows help reduce energy bills. One of the more popular designs features two pieces of glass with a type of gas in the center that adds an extra layer of protection against the cold. Doors with windows and/or sidelights may feature the same or similar design.

Installing new doors and windows takes more work than homeowners might think. Professional contractors measure the size of the opening to determine the exact size of the door or window needed to fill the space. They can also shim up the frame to better fit the new piece and to ensure there are no leaks or drafts.

New windows and doors can save homeowners a significant amount on their energy bills every year. In addition to blocking out cold air and eliminating drafts, these new designs can trap warm or cold air inside the house to make the home feel more comfortable. Homeowners can talk with contractors about how much they can afford to spend before looking at new windows and doors.

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